Demand for Green Homes has Grown Significantly Since 2008

Despite the housing downturn that started in 2008, the demand for green homes has grown significantly, this according to the green home building study produced by McGraw-Hill Construction in collaboration with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Waste Management.

Harvey M. Bernstein, VP of Industry Insights and Alliances of McGraw-Hill Construction, in a statement said that “results of our study show that despite the drastic downturn in housing starts since 2008, green has grown significantly as a share of activity— indicating that the green market is becoming an important part of our overall economic landscape.”

The green home building study shows that many home builders have shifted their work from new home construction to remodeling work. Sixty-two percent of home builders who do both remodeling and new work reported that the economy has increased their renovation work.

In the study, 61% of builders and 66% of remodelers say that home buyers will pay more for green homes.

According to NAHB, home buyers have come to recognize that green homes result to lower bills due to higher building performance.

The 2011 Yahoo! Real Estate survey shows that the Americans’ idea of a dream home is one that is “green, energy efficient and built with sustainable” materials that yield a lower carbon footprint.

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