Founder Uses Agent To Sell His Home

The headline sort of says it all, no?  Using a Realtor when selling your home is important, getting a home sold is no easy task, even if you’re the founder of the top website for do-it-yourself home sales!

Colby Sambratto, the founder of just sold his Manhatten apartment.  After spending 6 months trying to sell it on his own, he ended up hiring an agent.  The property was sold, complete with a 6% commission, for MORE than Mr. Sambratto had listed the property while trying to FSBO.  The final Sales Price?  $2.15 million. (It had been listed as a FSBO for $2 million, meaning he actually made $21,000 more by using an agent)

It only goes to show how important a real estate agent really is when it comes to selling your home!

(photo courtesy of Casey Serin via Flickr cc)