Should You Sell Now or Wait?

Selling in the winter is advantageous, and here are four key reasons why.

It’s that time of year again when people are wondering whether they should list their homes for sale or wait until spring. Yes, it’s frigid out there; we’ll have freezing rain, snow, and blizzards, but houses will sell every day in our market throughout the winter months. Here’s why you should consider a winter sale:

1. Low inventory. Inventory is still extremely low, and it decreases further in the wintertime as people decide to wait for spring or until after the holiday season. We’re also seeing coronavirus cases ramp up again, so people are more nervous about letting strangers into their homes.

2. Relocations. In our area, we deal with many government and military relocations, and they can drive our housing economy. We also have corporate relocations, and most shift their employees around between October and March.

“Houses will sell every day in our market throughout the winter months.”

3. Motivated buyers. You won’t get many looky-loos or 10 people walking through your house that have no real interest in buying a home. The only people out looking right now are serious buyers. 

4. Move-up buyers. According to the social security administration, more babies are born in September than in any other month. If someone has a baby around that time, come wintertime, they’re often ready to buy a new house with more room for their growing family. This year, due to the pandemic and quarantine, many other people have found they need more space, too. Now that it’s wintertime, they can’t use their outdoor spaces, and they’re realizing they need more space indoors. 

It’s an excellent time to sell. If you want to sell, we can get it done.

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