Tired of hearing “sorry that home is sold”

One of the most frustrating factors in the house hunting process that many people face is a lack of communication. Many real estate agents don’t keep house hunters abreast of changes that take place during the process. Excellent communication is a feature that our company prides itself on.

Unfortunately, many agents in the real estate business have become lazy due to the fact that they can quickly and conveniently post listings online. Their entire inventory is listed online, so they work hard to drive traffic to their sites. However, this in turn makes them reactive instead of proactive, because they basically wait for potential clients to shoot them an e-mail stating their interest to look at a property. While it’s a plus for house hunters to find numerous listings with the click of a mouse, this also means that real estate agents are less likely to stay up to date with these listings. If a person makes a sale, their initial reaction isn’t going to be to rush back the office and take down a listing. While this is understandable, it also leaves house hunters scratching their head when they hear the all too familiar phrase, “Sorry, that home is sold.”

Fortunately for you, we’re not your average real estate company. With us, you’ll be in touch with a buyer’s agent who will meet with you and discuss your wants, needs, hopes and dreams about your new home. Based on our knowledge and experience in the housing market, we’ll pull properties for you that fit your needs. Since our agents look at properties on a daily basis, they have a much better feel for the market and which houses are still available. Our agents learn these properties like the backs of their hands, to the point that if after a consultation they know of the perfect house for you, they can take you directly to it. This face to face, interpersonal interaction has stark advantages over the reactive digital only approach.

By that same token, if, after a consultation, there is nothing available that matches your needs or requirements, we’ll pull up homes on the market every day that we can send to you, making your life easier. This also helps you weed through houses that have already been sold, thus saving a large amount of time and energy for everyone involved.

So what can you do to help?

Before sitting down with us to have a consultation, map out what needs and wants you have for your new house. This is a big investment, so while you should be realistic, don’t feel that you’re being too picky. We want you to fall in love with whichever house we find for you. By having a budget and wish list outlined, you’ll be in a better position to clearly discuss with us what you want in a house. By doing this leg work before coming to us, we’ll better be able to help set you up with the home of your dreams.