Increasing the value of your home

When it comes to selling property, every real estate agent expects to get the asking price. But when prospective buyers come to look around, do they put the same value on it? Probably not. That is why you have to take some measures in order to increase the value of the property.

Actually, many factors can influence a buyer’s opinion on the value of a property; ranging from location, comparisons to other viewed properties and of course the condition. The first two are really beyond your capabilities of changing but the condition of your property is something you can easily change and therefore add more worth to your home. Follow these tips to get more value for your home:

When people come to look around, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there. In order to make it easier for them to do, provide them with a blank canvas. Paint walls with neutral colors and leave the room open.

De-clutter and if possible remove most of the furniture. Let your prospective buyers see how big the property really is. Removing clutter and furniture helps even the smallest of rooms appear bigger and that is what counts.

Sellers should remove personal trinkets and family pictures. Once again this helps the buyer to imagine the property as his or her own. Family pets should also not be seen during a prospective buyer’s inspection.

Repainting is a common way of adding value to homes. Never underestimate the power of the paintbrush. Freshly painted walls and doors are one of the most effective ways of increasing your home’s value. Repainting the ceiling and adding details such as cornices and modern light fittings can also have a positive effect.

Ensure that the entryway to your home is clutter free and neat. If you have a yard it is well worth spending some time on removing weeds, washing down the path and generally making sure it is a pleasant sight. Adding flowers to a room indoors can make the whole place seem so much more luxurious.

If there are obvious faults, take care to fix these before a buyer comes to look around. Although it may only be a small problem, perhaps a leaky roof, it will take away thousands of dollars worth of value from your home but only a few hundred dollars to fix it.

Replacing or remodeling old bathroom and kitchen units can instantly add value to your home. When replacing, choose something classic that will not date easily. It is important to take into account that you are not choosing for yourself but to add value to your home. Those things you have done in the past for your enjoyment are not going to add value.

The master bedroom is another area that can significantly reduce or increase value. Ensure that the master bedroom is clean and tidy. Put clothes away and have the bed nicely laid out with a throw and pillows.

Give doors and windows a thorough clean. Also polish any brass door knobs and fittings. With these things spotless, it will create a good impression for the buyer and show that the house has been well cared for.

Complete a ‘seller’s home inspection’ to identify any problems, then fix them. Buyers will often try to bargain down the price if they see problems and repair work is needed. Similarly, a failed buyer’s inspection could end up in a decreased value.

Nevertheless, the most important thing when trying to add value to your house is not to go overboard. Do not spend more money when updating and remodeling than you can get back in the sale price. Most ways to add value are simple and inexpensive but may just require a little time.

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