When blogging was in it’s infancy

I had the Southern Maryland Real Estate blog hosted on blogspot (are they still around) I was an avid blogger posting a couple times a week about personal experiences in the local real estate market, current listings and a lot about the introduction of Zillow, Trulia, and the like to real estate. When they arrived on the scene they were extremely controversial due to things Realtor .com had done. I will spare you the details but if you are interested in a somewhat opinionated article about it, check this one out. Anyways back then the point, This old blog used to get comments from the CEO of zillow, and writers at inman. I am not sure it was a good blog, but there wasn’t a lot of real estate blog competition out there at the time.

I abandoned that blog without a good reason even though it had a decent following and good readership. A lot of the content was more industry centric rather than consumer centric which is more the focus of this blog. Several of the other folks I knew in the blogosphere back then are still blogging and a few make their living at it now. I have since regretted losing that content. Yesterday I discovered the way back machine, and after a few google searches I found the url for the old blogspot blog. I was excited about getting my content back. Alas it was only ever crawled twice and neither time did their robots follow any links. I was only able to get conten, and no comments for the article on the home page in August of 2006.

WordPress will allow me to backdate posts, so I am going to post that content as if it was originally here on this blog. No one may ever read it, but it was kind of interesting and I was excited about it enough to post this article about. Are you still reading or did you zone out?

If you are a subscriber to the blog (upper right corner) you will get these old articles in your email when they come out. When possible I will try to link back to the old posts that were originally linked to over at the rain city guide, and the bloodhound blog. There were other blogs as well, just not in August unfortunately.